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The Independent Medical Examinations assists claims professionals in determining claim compensability, liability, restrictions, limitations and employability. Medical Case Management Group maintains a network of over 10,000 board certified physicians and specialists. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers review every claim and select the appropriate Specialist to effectively evaluate all medical conditions and address specific claim concerns relative to IME, FCE and Peer Review. MCMG will manage every process detail including scheduling and verbal/written communication with employer, adjuster and physician.

Highlights and Goals:

  • Assist in defining Specific loss and functional capacity, including restrictions and limitations
  • Assist in determining if appropriate and quality treatment is being rendered or to determine if current and planned treatment is in-line with established standards and protocols
  • Assist in identifying misdiagnosis, malingering and recommended diagnostics to verify the same
  • Provide job Specific evaluations to return an injured worker to a predetermined job
  • Identify suitable jobs within the workplace or identify job accommodations or modifications