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Medical Case Management Group provides Workers Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Trust Allocation report services. The Medicare Allocation report enables claims professionals, structured settlement brokers and legal professionals to comply with the requirements set by Medicare secondary payment statute (42 U.S.C. 1395 y (b)(2)(A) and (B))

Prior to settlement, MCMG works with you and reviews the claim. The goal is to identify if a Set-Aside Trust Allocation is indicated based upon criteria promulgated by Medicare. MCMG offers many service levels from initial assessment to full Set-Aside Trust Allocation report completion. Coordination and submission of this report for approval by your local Center for Medicare Services office are also available.

Services Available:

  • Evaluate case to determine if Set-Aside Allocation will be required by CMS.
  • If a Set-Aside is required, review medical records & prepare cost analysis report for CMS approval.
  • Obtain Approval of Set-Aside amount from CMS / Medicare.
  • Secure confirmation of any Medicare liens and assess SSD status & date of entitlement (with appropriate releases)
  • Secure Rated Age / Standard or Substandard Rate.
  • Obtain Medical Release *
  • Obtain Signed “Letter Style” Medicare / CMS release *
  • Obtain Social Security release or SSA 3288 *

* The Plaintiff Attorney customarily secures these releases.