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Clients utilize MCMG’s expertise and 24/7 accessibility to increase productivity, decrease lost time and decrease costs associated with work related injuries. MCMG's service network spans the entire East Coast with a focus on the Northeast region. We service companies varying in size and revenue from Fortune 500's to boutiques. Our Regional Nurse Care Management and National Independent Medical Exam network allows us to handle an assignment anywhere (Nationally, Regionally and within a specific State) once a phone call is placed to our toll-free hotline; that is manned 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.

MCMG offers seamless service by providing care from the first notification of injury to case closure with focus on individualized care plans at appropriate cost to bring the client to pre-injury status, if possible. MCMG is the only 24/7 case management service in Maine staffed with Professional Nurses.

We work with you and your company ensuring you get the coverage you need, tailored to your business and your employees. And we'll go one step further, educating and training your employees to create a safer work environment.

MCMG makes it easy. We have the experience and contacts to help you set up a fully-integrated program, from initial injury assessment to the return of your employee to the workplace, as swiftly and cost-effectively as possible.

This makes for a healthier business for you and your employees, at home in New England and across the nation!

Experience Factor

MCMG is a Maine-owned and operated medical case management leader. MCMG is committed to helping employees enjoy safer, healthier, more rewarding work environments - while helping employers reduce costs associated with Workers' Compensation and injury-related costs requires 24-hour availability. Our 24/7 registered, professional nurse triage accomplishes that! Our nurses evaluate the injury, treatment, procedures that are recommended and necessary for the emergency and then to negotiate the labyrinth of state regulations, care providers, costs involved and develop a follow up plan of care.

Our Mission

To provide "Gold Standard" care in a timely, personalized, respectful, cost effective manner to our customers and clients focused on positive health outcomes and return to a productive lifestyle. To provide 24/7 accurate and useful communication to all of our clients, staff and customers or their health needs, questions and concerns.

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