Medical Case Management Group’s Workers’ Compensation Care Managers cover the Mid-Atlantic and New England Regions.

Montryan Corporation DBA Medical Case Management Group is a full service Medical Care Management provider and comprehensive outsource solution for cost-effective and fully integrated care management. MCMG is a care management company that works with employers and insurance companies in the occupational health, disability, and auto insurance markets. MCMG was founded in 1978 and ownership was transferred to MCMG in 1995. MCMG is a woman-owned business.

States where MCMG is currently managing active referrals are (listed alphabetically):

Connecticut | Delaware | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont | Virginia | Washington, D.C.

Specific markets and coverage types within an approximate 1.5 hour round-trip halo around each market